Collaborations within the EU

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation is a driving force in several European partnerships for an increased focus on forest-related research that benefit the bio-economic development.

FTP - Forest-based Sector Technology Platform is a European co-operation for forestry research with a long-term vision of a sustainable and biobased society. Swedish Lena Ek, president of Södra, is chairman of the FTP.

CEPI - The Confederation of European Paper Industies, represents the European pulp and paper industry in 19 countries. Research and innovation is one of the issues CEPI drifting towards the EU.

Cei-Bois - The European Confederation of woodworking industries is the Organization backing the interests of the whole industrial European wood sector. Research and innovation is one of the issues Cei-Bois drifting towards the EU.

Horizon 2020 is the world's largest investment in research and innovation and has a total budget of around 80 billion euros. One of the initiatives under Horizon's Bio-based Industries.