Swedish Forest Sector Research Agenda

Developing the Swedish forestry industry is a prerequisite for reaching the vision of a bio-based and fossil-free society. It is important to use and increase growth in the forest in a sustainable way as well as to maintain the competitiveness of companies’ production facilities. Many of today’s fossil-based products will be replaced by bio-based products with industrial wood construction being one of the success factors. Today, forestry is Sweden’s largest supplier of bioenergy.

The overall priority of the Swedish Forest Sector Research Agenda is to:

  • Maintain the competitiveness of existing production facilities in order to maintain profitability, but also to finance the development of new bio-based products and processes.
  • Increase the availability of forest raw materials while maintaining sustainable forestry.
  • Develop new bio-based products to replace today's fossil-based materials and products.
  • Stimulate an increase in industrial timber constructions to achieve more sustainable buildings.
  • Increase international research cooperation, since the market is international.

The agenda starts with four basic research areas. These describe the general and overall knowledge requirements that are the basis for more targeted research efforts. Thereafter, nineteen research areas follow. For each area there is a target image and an assessment of priority research activities. The description of the nineteen research areas starts in the forest and continues through the production stage to products for consumers and the market.

The fundamental research areas cover specific research needs for the forest sector, such as:

  • To understand and use the forest raw materials.
  • To increase the understanding of cellulose.
  • To expand knowledge of separation methods.
  • To develop new forming processes.

The nineteen more targeted research areas are divided into three main groups:

  • Forests and forest raw materials.
  • Pulp, paper and biorefinery.
  • Timber processes and products