10 insights

Anyone travelling through the Nordic countries soon realises that there is a lot of forest. An enormous amount in fact. Here are ten facts about the Swedish forests and the importance of our green industry.

  • In Sweden alone, forest covers 70 per cent of the surface. There are 87 billion trees.
  • There is now twice as much wood in Sweden as there was 90 years ago.
  • One per cent of our forest is felled annually. Nonetheless, growth outpaces felling.
  • For every tree harvested at least two new are planted.
  • Sweden is the world's third largest exporter of forest-based products.
  • 80 per cent of our forestry based products are exported.
  • The substitution effect of the Swedish forest industry products are equivalent to Sweden's annual carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Environmental and production targets in forestry are brought in line with each other, since the Swedish Forestry Act was updated in 1993.
  • Sweden's forest industry has reduced its emissions by over 60 per cent since 2005 and also uses almost no fossil fuels in its processes.
  • The forest industry is one of Sweden's most important business sectors. It directly employs 70,000 people in Sweden.

We welcome you to visit our active, Swedish forests. It is an extraordinary experience. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details about why forest industry is a crucial answer to meeting the EU's climate challenge.