Download The Swedish Forest Industries' statistics on the subject of international below.

Pictures and graphs in the presentation

The entire series can be downloaded below. The pictures contained in the series are as follows:

  1. World Leading Exporters
  2. Sweden's Share of the World's:
  3. Forests of the World
  4. Global Use of Wood
  5. Global Paper Production - By Region
  6. Global Paper Production - By Grade
  7. Global Pulp Production - By Region
  8. Global Pulp Production - By Quality
  9. Production and Exports of Paper
  10. Production and Exports of Pulp
  11. Paper Consumption in Europe
  12. Paper Consumption in Europe - By Grade
  13. Raw Materials in European Papermaking
  14. Recovery of Paper Products
  15. Global Production of Sawn Softwood
  16. Production of Sawn Softwood
  17. Exports of Sawn Softwood
  18. Consumption of Sawn Softwood
  19. Structure of the Paper Industry
  20. Paper Consumption
  21. Net Trade of Paper
  22. Net Trade of Pulp
  23. Global Production of Paper