Short-term views on forest climate benefits is a mistake

Tallskog underifrån

"The Commission’s land-use proposal risks being a step backwards in transitioning to a fossil fuel-free economy." Mårten Larsson, senior vice-president of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, explains the alternatives on

Some winters ago the ice on Lake Mälaren west of Stockholm was great for skating, attracting amateurs from Sweden and other European countries.

On one of the coldest days, a Dutch skater was surprised by the lack of smoke coming out of the chimneys in the city and wanted to know why.

The answer was easy to find: Stockholm is heated by three large combined heat and power plants. The largest one located in the city harbour. The city's 2 million inhabitants and those working in town enjoy warm houses, warm water, green electricity and clean air thanks to these plants fuelled with by-products and residuals from our forests and forest industry.

The surplus of by-products, residuals or heat is delivered to the surrounding communities. Another wood-related residue, tall oil from the pulp production, is refined into biodiesel.

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