14 European industry studies demonstrate how to reduce emissions

Grön jordglob

Two Swedish projects are included in the newly published website by CEPI “To our Roots & Beyond: Reducing Emissions for the 2050 Society” focusing on the industry’s leading role in reducing its carbon emissions and providing bio-based solutions to decarbonize society at large.

The CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) gathers 14 case studies from ten EU countries, in collaboration with 12 companies.. The cases, which focus on energy efficiency and/or renewables, are indicative of the diverse means the paper industry has at its disposal to reduce emissions whilst building upon its strength as an entirely renewable material. Two Swedish cases are included.

  1. The SCA and energy company Sundsvall Energi AB joint initiative aiming at increasing delivery of hot water based on renewable energy, thereby reducing consumption of heating oil and emissions of carbon dioxide.

  2. The pulp mill Södra Cell Mönsterås initiative aiming at two things: to enable a high amount of bark to be fired in the lime kiln, and to lower the energy demand of the lime kiln by increasing heat transfer, with the overall goal to increase the use of internal fuels, eliminating the need for fossil fuels.