European forest industry agrees on bioeconomy research agenda

The European forest industry agrees on the 10 most important research goals by 2030. The routes to achieve these goals are described in a strategic research agenda – SIRA 2030 – which is launched today during the FTP Conference 2019 in Finland. The agenda is an important contribution to the EU's upcoming major research initiative Horizon Europe.

– The bioeconomy greatly contributes to solutions to many of the major societal challenges facing Europe. Climate-smart building in wood and fiber-based products that contribute to a fossil-free society are important solutions that can be further strengthened with the right research funding, says Johan Elvnert, Managing Director of FTP, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, in Brussels.

The upcoming research program Horizon Europe is planned for a turnover around 100 billion euro between the years 2021-2027.
– The forest industry's research areas need to be clearly addressed in the research program, says Johan Elvnert.

The agenda is developed by the European forest industry within the framework of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP). The ten goals of the agenda take a clear holistic approach to the development of the bioeconomy and its role in the development of society for jobs and recreation as well as for consumption, housing and transport.

The European research agenda also highlights research needs on sustainable forestry, new technological development for collaboration between different industries, and the need for increased knowledge for the development of circular business models.

– It is a strength that the forest industry's opportunities to develop bio-based solutions for society as a whole are now made visible in a European research agenda. This clarifies research needs for the development of climate-smart products from sustainably cultivated forests that can make a difference in Europe and around the world, says Torgny Persson, director of research and innovation at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

The agenda's ten points are:

  1. Sustainable forest management, biodiversity and resilience to climate change
  2. Increased, sustainable wood production and mobilization
  3. More added value from non-wood ecosystem services
  4. Towards a zero-waste circular society
  5. Efficient use of natural resources
  6. Diversification of production technologies and logistics
  7. Purposeful, safe jobs and links between rural and urban region
  8. Renewable building materials for healthier living
  9. New fibre-based products and 80 per cent lower CO2 emissions
  10. Renewable energy for society

The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) brings together industry, forest owners and government agencies to collaborate on research and innovation issues in Europe. Read more at!/

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