EU should not contribute to deforestation

Products we buy and consume within the EU must not contribute to deforestation in other parts of the world. The newly adopted provisional agreement on deforestation-free products could be a useful tool in that fight, although many details remain to be determined.

"It is good news that another important step has been taken. However, it is difficult to say how the Swedish and European forest-based industry will be affected as the new rules remain to be interpreted and implemented. It is important that the administrative burden and costs are kept as low as possible, and that trade in sustainable forest-based products is not hindered", says Emma Berglund, Forest Director, EU and International, at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation. 
Around 90 percent of global deforestation is caused by the conversion to agricultural land to produce palm oil, soy, and similar products.  
"The deforestation which this law aims to prevent has nothing in common with the sustainable forest management we conduct in Sweden. Here, planting new trees after harvesting is a fundamental principle and an integral part of all forestry", says Emma Berglund.