The corona pandemic and forest industry

To keep borders open is essential to the Swedish forest industry. 65 percent of the production of pulp, paper and sawn timber is sold on the European Single Market and another 15 percent is sold to markets outside Europe.

During the corona pandemic, it is more important than ever that the European forest industries can continue to supply our society with essential products needed in healthcare and in everyday life. Examples are:

  • Hygiene products, such as protective masks, sanitizers, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and a wide range of disposable products used in the healthcare sector.
  • Packaging material to protect and deliver food, medicines, hygiene products etc.
  • Bio-based heat and electricity to homes, schools, hospitals and other societal premises.

Keeping transport flowing is crucial

Logistics is greatly affected if borders are closed. This is valid not only for road transport but equally much for sea freights.

Ports within the EU must stay open to secure well-functioning trade flows and logistics. Despite private individuals not travelling with ferry lines, the ferries still need to run, as they are important for transport of goods. For the Nordic forest industry, sea freight is absolutely crucial.