Helena Sjögren

Environmental director

Photo: Björn Leijon

“Residues from forest and forest industry are important sources of energy. It is used in the forest industry for production of heat and power, and as biofuels in the transport sector. The residues contributes to reduce the use of fossil alternatives. In Sweden the forest industry is the biggest user and producer of bioenergy. The sector has reduced its use of fossils to less than 4 % in the industrial processes. There is potential to increase the use of forest residues, which can help reduce climate change.

Helena is Head of Bioenergy Policy and are working with issues regarding politics and regulation affecting the production or use of bioenergy within the forest industry sector. That includes matters like potentials, sustainability criteria, harvesting of forest residues, advanced biofuels, pellets, waste and more. Helena is also responsible for issues regarding energy efficiency within the forest industry.

"Bioenergy has an important role in the bioeconomy as it can replace fossils, but we can contribute to climate improvements even more if the biomass is first used in sustainable products."