Life expectancy in the European Union has hit a record high

The chances of surviving heart attacks, cancer and strokes are better than ever. Does this mean that we can relax and enjoy the ride? Not at all.

When we pick up a newspaper or listen to the radio it becomes clear that we still have a lot of work to do to ensure healthy lives for all human beings around the world. The forest might not have all the solutions but it does have a growing number of important innovations to bring to the table.

Now we're talking

Besides safeguarding people's well-being by providing nappies, sanitary pads and toilet paper, we can contribute to global health in more advanced ways. How about 3D-printed human-like tissue for medical research? Or cellulose filters that fight the tiniest and most aggressive of bacteria in contaminated drinking water?

Forest therapy & forest bathing

The forest is a place for exercise and reflection for people all over the world. Forest therapy is also used to treat people with stress-related symptoms.

In Japan, the ritual of "Forest bathing", spending time alone in nature for therapeutical purposes, has long been considered to have a positive effect on people's health. The trend is now spreading to North America and Europe.

Hiking, mountain biking, mushroom and berry picking – or simply finding peace