Swedish forest industries’ road to the future

Three pledges for 2040, focusing on climate benefit, circularity and biodiversity – Together, we are shaping the future.

Photo: Maskot Bildbyrå AB

Humanity faces huge challenges. The world’s population is growing. Earth’s limited resources need to stretch further. Millions of people need to see an improvement in their living standards and be lifted out of poverty. The way we live our lives has perpetuated global warming and threatens biodiversity globally on land and in the oceans. Business as usual is not the way forward.

The forest industry wants to encourage more sustainable development. We are used to working consistently, with a long-term perspective, and thinking about future generations. We understand that tomorrow is affected by decisions made today.

The transition to a fossil-free and circular society cannot wait. The Swedish forest sector has a unique opportunity to contribute to this transition. We already do so by continually improving forest management, producing fossil free and renewable products, and being a world leader in many areas of research. We also create jobs, generate wealth, and improve living and working conditions throughout Sweden. We also create climate benefits beyond Sweden’s borders. Eighty percent of Swedish forest sector’s products are sold to other countries. This means that the sector provides climate benefit to many parts of the world.

Different types of business with the same goal

Now we want to do more. We want to accelerate a green transition that embraces sustainable development ecologically, economically, and socially. This will require fresh thinking, new investment, and new collaborations. The 220 companies that are members of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation operate different types of business. What unites us is pride in the social, climate and environmental benefits we contribute to, and the will and capacity to drive further change.

Swedish forest industries’ road to the future

In autumn 2022, we launched a project that has come to be known as our future journey. We present the forest industry’s road to the future with three pledges for 2040, when the next generation reaches adulthood.

The three pledges are:

  • By 2040, the forest industry's climate benefit shall increase 30 per cent.
  • By 2040, all wood-based products from our industries shall be fossil-free and recycable.
  • By 2040, Sweden shall have flourishing forests rich in biodiversity.

By working together, the forest sector wants to increase its contribution to address the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Together, we are shaping the future.