TREE: Transition to efficient electrified forestry transports

Photo: Michael Engman

The project addresses the societal challenge of effectively converting to electrified heavy road transports. TREE focuses on the Swedish forest industry, which comprises 20 % of Sweden's heavy road transports. To make the conversion to fossil-free transports, a system change is needed. The change includes new business models, new logistics planning and technology.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to ensuring that 50 % of the forest industry's new trucks are electrified by 2030. To accomplish this, a system demonstrator distributed over seven sites is planned. The project is coordinated by Skogforsk – the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden and run in collaboration with the network Closer at Lindholmen Science Park and funded by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. Read more about TREE: transition to efficient electrified forestry here.


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