2040 climate target

Photo: Dag Hallén / Emil Nordin / Erik Cronberg kollage med skog, engångsprodukter i pappersmassa och sara kulturhus

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF) welcomes ambitious climate targets in line with the communication. This is aligned with SFIFs priorities for a greener, stronger Union. SFIF argues that the fossil economy must be replaced by the circular bioeconomy, including all its climate contributions.

SFIF gives the following recommendations to reach the target:

  1. Focus primarily on reducing fossil emissions
  2. Put the circular bioeconomy at the heart of the climate transition
  3. Ensure that climate and energy policies consider industry competitiveness and a well-functioning common market
  4. Base natural carbon sink policies on balanced and realistic assessments of the forests natural dynamics and consider other sustainability dimensions
  5. Define a framework for bio-CCS that is suppor­ted by financial guarantees and market-based mechanisms for voluntary investments from the industry
  6. Acknowledge the full climate mitigation contri­bution from forest-based value chains