Important future research areas

Photo: Kerstin Jonsson

There is a lot of exciting research ongoing in the field of forestry. Researchers are working intensively to develop new methods and technologies to improve forest management, increase sustainability, and increase the forest's contribution to the transition towards a bioeconomy. Looking forward, we see several key areas and needs where further research is needed.

By focusing on these areas, we can ensure that forestry remains a vital and sustainable resource for future generations.

Climate Change and Resilient Forests

Research on how climate change affects forests and development of strategies to enhance their resilience to changing environmental conditions.

Societal Benefits

Examination of the various benefits forests provide to society, including recreation, health, and economic contributions.

Changes in Forest Ecosystems

Studies on the alterations in forest ecosystems due to natural and human-induced factors, and their implications for forest health and biodiversity.


Research to understand and preserve the variety of species within forest ecosystems, ensuring their long-term stability and ecological balance.

Drought and New Pests

Investigating the impact of increased drought frequency and the emergence of new pests on forest health and productivity.

Opportunities of new Technologies

Exploring the potential of advanced technologies, such as AI and IoT, to improve forest management and operational efficiency.

Spectral Cameras, Digitalisation, and Planning Systems

Focus on the use of spectral imaging and digital tools to enhance forest monitoring, planning, and decision-making processes.

Forest Tree Breeding

Development of improved tree varieties through selective breeding to enhance growth, disease resistance, and adaptability to climate change.

Products from the Forest

Research on new and existing products from forest raw material, promoting sustainable use of forest resources.

Swedish Forest-based Sector Research Agenda

The Swedish Forest-based Sector Research Agenda is a compilation of the Swedish forest-based industries’ shared research and development needs. The agenda has been jointly developed by the forest-based industries and the research community.

Research areas for the forest-based sector of the future:

  • Forests and Forest Raw Materials

A circular bio-based economy requires increased and sustainable access to forest biomass. To achieve this, knowledge, technology and sustainable silviculture and forest production methods are needed. Read more about the research area Forests and Forest Raw Materials here.

  • Wood Processes and Wood Products

Wood construction is an important solution for the public construction sector to reduce its climate impact. Wood as a material enables not only flexible building systems but also circularity. Read more about the research area Wood Processes and Wood Products here.

  • Fibre-based Products and Biorefineries

Biomass is a limited resource. Therefore, resource-efficient processes with a high wood yield are key objectives. New technical solutions also make it possible to make better use of underused resources and residual streams from the forest industry. Read more about the research area Fibre-based Products and Biorefineries here.

Here you can find the full Swedish Forest-based Sector Research Agenda.


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