Research programmes led by SFIF


BioInnovation is a strategic innovation programme with the vision of Sweden transitioning to a bioeconomy by 2050. By creating the best possible conditions for the development of new bio-based materials, products and services, BioInnovation aims to increase the added value and competitiveness of Sweden's bio-based sector.

The programme is a collaboration between several industries and was started at the initiative of the Swedish trade associations of the forestry, innovation and chemical industries, as well as textile and fashion companies. BioInnovation is financed by government funds and by the stakeholders who participate in the programme. The programme started in 2015, and so far 200 research and innovation projects have been funded for a total of SEK 750 million.

Mistra Digital Forest

Mistra Digital Forest is a research programme that uses digitalisation to promote the sustainable development of forestry. Within the programme, methods, models and digital tools are being developed in order to enable more efficient use of raw materials, machinery and data. The aim is to increase digitalisation in all parts of the forestry value chain. This will strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the forest industry as compared with sectors with fossil-based or non-circular products, and which will ultimately benefit the transition to a circular bioeconomy.

Funding comes partly from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra), which was established with funds from the Swedish government, and partly from participating industrial and research partners. Mistra Digital Forest runs from 2019-2027 and has a total budget of SEK 224 million.