Map with voluntary set-aside forest

Navigate in the map to see more than 935,000 hectares of voluntary set-aside forest owned by six major forest owners in Sweden. The map also shows the formal forms of protection by the state.

If you use a mobile or a tablet you can unfortunately not see the map over the voluntary set-aside forests.

How to use the map

The map provides an overview of the voluntary set-aside forest owned by Bergvik Skog, Holmen Skog, SCA Skog, National Property Board Sweden, Sveaskog and the Swedish Church.

To locate one or more owners' forests, click on the name/names of the forest owner/s next to the map. To view voluntary set-aside forest in a specific geographical area, search directly on the map by zooming with the slider and hold down cursor. The map is annually updated, last updated July 2017.

Other voluntary set-aside forest 

In addition to the viewable voluntary set-aside forest on the map, there are also voluntary set-aside forest by private forest owner.  In total about 1,35 miljon hectar forest is voluntary set-aside in Sweden.

In national parks and nature reserves it is, due to inadequate available map data, not possible to distinguish forests from non-forests in  (e.g. part of the mountain areas highlighted in red are not forests).

Found something that does not match?

If you notice incorrect information in the map, please contact the company concerned directly, see contact details on this page. Your comments are greatly appreciated and valuable.