Wood Be Better

A forest-based Brussels network

The Swedish forest-based sector has launched a Brussels network called Wood Be Better. Its aim is to be an arena, which contributes to increased understanding of the forest-based value chain and it's role in EU policy development.

The Wood Be Better network is initiated jointly by the Swedish Forest Industries and LRF Skogsägarna, i.e. the Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners. The network invites anyone in Brussels and Sweden with an interest in topics of concern to the forest-based sector. The network's overall objective is to increase the knowledge about the forest-based sector and its role in relevant EU decision making processes.

Each meeting with the network is hosted by one of the following three Swedish Members of European Parliament: Jessica Polfjärd (EPP), Emma Wiesner (Renew Europe) and Pär Holmgren (Greens). Earlier, Erik Bergkvist (S&D), now deceased, was also a host. 

The initiaters Anna Holmberg, Director, Head of Brussels office, Swedish Forest Industries, and Mia Crawford, Forest Director EU and International Affairs, LRF Skogsägarna (Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners).