Our vision

The best way to tackle climate change

Photo: Skogsindustrierna Skogsnäringen driver tillväxt i världens bioekonomi

We believe that the best way to tackle climate change is for the world to shift to a bioeconomy. We have a vision where the Swedish forest sector drives growth in the global bioeconomy.

More products need to be based on renewable resources such as forest biomass. Fewer need to be based on finite resources such as oil and coal. Adopting a bioeconomy approach will make it possible to stimulate growth, while securing sustainability.

We see global unanimity and determination in that the nations of the world are unified around a global climate agreement. This is a very welcome move and one that validates our vision. Meeting the global climate challenge calls for a bioeconomy in which the world's forest industries are key players.

Sweden is well positioned to drive sustainable development. Here, we have endless natural resources, skilled innovators and a strong desire to invest in a fossil-free society. The forest industry uses renewable forest raw materials as a source for doing business – business that not only benefits us as an industry – but that benefits humanity too.

Watch the film showing the forest's role in a more sustainable future.