Bike and helmet out of wood

Wood you like a bikeride? With a helmet made out of wood and cellulose foam, a renewable and shock absorbing material from the forest. On a wooden bicycle that absorbs vibrations from the road and makes the ride more comfortable?

A helmet of cellulose foam

Swedish tech company Cellutech develops new cutting-edge material based on wood. Their vision is to commercialise research that contributes to a sustainable world. One innovation that has gained considerable attention is a cellulose foam, developed in collaboration with researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

A suitable material 

They have used it as shock absorbing material in a prototype of a bike helmet, sourced entirely from wood. The foam is also suitable for a variety of other products and applications that require light materials – for example insulation in cars and packaging.

Renovo bikes are made in Portland, Oregon.

Take a ride on your wooden bike

Bicycles are becoming more entrenched as a mode of transportation in urban environments around the world and the eco-positive impact of biking over other transportation means is being rewarded. Over the past decade, wooden bikes have been making inroads in the bike market.

Wood is light, carbon-fibre even lighter

One of the advantages of wooden bicycles is that wood absorbs vibrations from the road and makes the ride more comfortable. Looking for an even lighter material? Then one in wood-based carbon-fibre is for you. Swedish researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to make carbonfibre from lignin, a residue from pulp production. Soon we will be able to replace today's oilbased carbon-fibre with a renewable wood-based carbon-fibre.