Innovative textile materials form the plant world

What about a leather material from mycel: the Falabella from Stella McCartney

Fiber from the plant kingdom in the fashion world does not end with trees. Now, among other things, fibers are extracted from algae, fungal tissue and from agricultural waste.


A fabric made from algae-based fibres that is organic and gentle on the skin.


A company that has developed a leather material that is fast-grown from mycel and residual materials from the agricultural industry, in a carbon-dioxide consuming process.

Agraloop BioFibre

Crop-A-Porter won the Global Change Award for this sustainable fabric based on residual crops that would otherwise have remained in fields to rot.

Microsilk and mylo

Microsilk is a silk material produced from plant protein that mimics animal silk. Mylo is a leather material based on mycel that Stella McCartney uses for the "Falabella" handbag model. Both materials are produced by Bolt threads.