Global Outlook for the Wood Products Industry in the 2020s

Will this decade be the Golden Twenties for the wood products industry? It has certainly started out that way, with global prices reaching new record levels and the demand situation outstripping the supply. There are many things indicating that this is a trend that will continue.

The Corona pandemic created a real boom in the home renovation sector. It also appears that post-Corona trends will continue to support more single-family housing with larger space. This in turn will further increase the demand for wood-based building materials.

The global megatrends with focus on sustainability is also a strong driver for wood products. Substitution of fossil-based products to wood-based products makes climate- and environmental goals possible to reach.

What are the arguments against a continued role of forests as suppliers of materials for sustainable products? Global supply is constrained; effects of climate change, beetle attacks in Canada and Central Europe, storms and forest fires are all restricting the supply. In this situation, with sharply rising prices for wood, there is a risk that biomaterials will be replaced by fossil-based products, which would have a negative impact on both climate goals and the environment.

At this seminar, we will have the opportunity to examine and discuss the impact of these trends on the global wood products industry together with industrial leaders.


Welcome and introduction
Tuula Teeri, President, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and Eva Pettersson, Academy Secretary General and Managing Director, Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

Global outlook on supply & demand for wood products and trends in consolidation
Lars-Göran Sandberg, President & CEO, Timwood Strategic Advisers AB

Canfor's view of future growth and balance between North America and Europe
Don Kayne, President & CEO, Canfor Corporation

The priority and role of the wood products division in the perspective of corporate growth
Lars Völkel, Executive Vice President, Wood Products Division, Stora Enso

The future outlook for wood-based buildings
Stefan Lindbäck, CEO Lindbäcks Group


The role of wood products within the SCA Group
Ulf Larsson, President & CEO, SCA AB 

The future of Södra wood products and importance of innovation
Lotta Lyrå, President & CEO, Södra

Making the sustainability case for wood-based products
Peter Holmgren, FutureVistas AB. Ex-Director-General at Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and Director of Climate Change Division at Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)

Discussion and questions
All speakers and moderator Lena Ek, Chair, IVAs division VIII Forest technology and Södra


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