Wood Be Better: Sustainable forest bioenergy

Livestreamed event on 13 April 2021at 13.15-15.00 CET

Did you miss the livestream? Watch it here

The Wood Be Better-network hosted an event together with host Pär Holmgren, Member of European Parliament (Greens). The subject for the livestream was "Sustainable forest bioenergy - Important building block to reach European Green Deal objectives?"

A climate-neutral EU by 2050 is at the heart of the European Green Deal (EGD). An important milestone will be a revised and more ambitious 2030 EU climate target, which in turn will require the European Commission to present revisions of all relevant climate and energy legislations, including the Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

Forest-based bioenergy - consisting primarily of wastes and residues from forestry and forest industry, such as tops and branches, sawdust, and bark - are the main sources of EU bioenergy.

Important aspects to address are for instance:

    • How do we approach and assess different types of forest bioenergy sources?
    • What is the role for forest-based bioenergy in reaching multiple European Green Deal objectives?
    • To what extent will the existing criteria assure sustainable forest-based bioenergy in the future?
    • How can we assure predictability and transparency for investors?


  •  Opening Address from today’s host
     MEP Pär Holmgren
  • The JRC report- main conclusions and potential policy implications
     Giovanni De Santi, Director Sustainable Resources, Joint Research Center, European Commission 
  • The upcoming RED revision – the Commission’s perspective
    Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director Green Transition and Energy System Integration, Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission
  • Advanced biofuels – we walk the talk
    Josefine Nilsson, Business Development Manager, Biorefinery, SCA. 
  • Forest-based bioenergy – threat or opportunity?
    NGO representative (TBC)
  • Discussion with the speakers
  • Closing remarks 

Anna Holmberg, Moderator and Director, Head of Brussels office, Swedish Forest Industries
Lennart Ackzell, International policy coordinator, LRF Skogsägarna (Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners)