Agreement on RED sets welcome long-term rules for bioenergy

Photo: Björn Leijon viveka beckeman

An agreement has been reached on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). The Swedish Forest Industries welcomes the high ambitions for renewable energy and that the uncertainty about rules for bioenergy is over.

"We fully support the aim of the final agreement, which is to ensure that bioenergy is sustainable and that biomass is used in a resource efficient matter", says Viveka Beckeman, Director General for the Swedish Forest Industries.

One important element for the forest-based industry in this agreement concerns the cascading principle, the purpose of which is to ensure that raw materials are used in a way that maximizes value and resource effectiveness.

"The cascading principle has been clarified in the final agreement. The Swedish forest-based industry always aims to use all parts of the harvested tree to create as much value as possible. It is the only way to stay competitive", says Viveka Beckeman.

"Another, equally crucial, way to ensure competitiveness is our sustainable forest management that protects and supports biodiversity. We therefore appreciate the clearly defined and implementable sustainability criteria in RED III. There should be no doubt about the resource efficiency, sustainability, and climate benefit of bioenergy", concludes Viveka Beckeman.