Renewable Energy Directive

Increase the ambition but do not change the rules of the game

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF) supports the Green Deal and the important goal of a climate neutral society by 2050, as well as increased ambitions in the Renewable Energy Directive. We also acknowledge the importance of sustainable bioenergy practices, including maintaining and enhancing biodiversity.

The forest-based industry’s contribution to a growing circular bioeconomy depends on a stable regulatory framework that allows the industry to be competitive on a global market with access to reliable and affordable energy and transports as well as sustainable biomass.

The SFIF urges the Commission to consider the following key messages in the revision of the RED2: 

  • Raised ambitions on the use of renewables are welcome but the number of targets for specific energy sectors or technologies should not be further expanded.   
  • Acknowledge the importance and potential of the forest-based industry’s contribution to a circular bioeconomy and bioenergy.  
  • Sustainable forestry equals sustainable and carbon neutral bioenergy.  
  • Avoid detailed regulations on the use forest biomass for bioenergy. Instead, continue to rely on the market to optimize the use and on the national competence in forestry.  
  • Allow Member States to implement the agreed forest-based bioenergy sustainability and GHG criteria (Article 29-31) without delays caused by further revision.  
  • Do not disrupt advanced biofuel projects by changing the list in Annex IX.