Anna Holmberg

Head of Brussels office

Photo: Björn Leijon Anna Holmberg

”The production of sawn timber, pulp and paper requires very large amounts of energy and the Swedish forest industry is the country’s largest industrial energy consumer. At the same time, our industry is also a large in-house producer of renewable heat and electricity and we sell surplus to outside buyers e.g. waste heat to district heating and bio-power to the grid. This means that almost all energy policy related topics are of importance to our industry and the same applies to most climate policy topics as well. Due to extensive decarbonizing investments, our internal processes are today 96% fossil free. Since the start of the EU ETS in 2005, we have reduced our fossil carbon emissions by more than 60%, which is an outstanding result and clearly contributes to climate change mitigation.”

Anna represents our industry on energy policy related topics and associated climate ditto, both in the Swedish context and in Brussels. Current topics are EU ETS, Renewable Energy Directive and electricity market design. Anna regularly spends time in Brussels to meet stakeholders and influence on-going legislative processes.

In matters concerning Swedish electricity policy, Anna represents not only the forest industry, but the entire Swedish electricity intensive industry, i.e. also chemicals, mining and steel industry. Current topics are monitoring of the Energy Agreement of 2015, the balancing of the electricity system and grid charges.