Viveka Beckeman

Director General for the Swedish Forest Industries Federation

Photo: Björn Leijon

"If you're a maths genius, 160 cm tall and decide to strive for a career in basketball, you're really making life unnecessarily hard for yourself. Sweden as a country shouldn't make life too hard for itself either. We should concentrate on what we're good at, and we're good at forests. In this field, we have the right conditions, a lot of expertise and long experience. As Sweden and the EU fine-tune strategies for a green, sustainable recovery, our country should contribute with and build on what we're good at. We can't afford anything else, unless we're prepared to dramatically reduce the standard of living for our own and future generations."

As Director General of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, Viveka leads the organisation's work, based on the vision of driving growth in the global bioeconomy. She advocates a national strategy for bioeconomy in Sweden, a mandate now given to the Government by Parliament.