Pictures from XPO

During Sweden’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, most meetings will be held at the conference center adjacent to the national airport. At the entrance, EU-delegates will encounter a permanent exhibition about the forest-based industry’s central role in the green transition. The exhibition has been developed by Swedish Forest Industries.

A model of Sara Cultural Centre is on display at the exhibition during the Swedish Presidency. The construction is one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings and has become both a cenral landmark and a meeting place in the city of Skellefteå 

Northern lights, forests and endless horizons welcome EU-delegates at the entrance of the conference center XPO. A magnificent slide show framed in wood has been built in front of the entrance 

It can be difficult to find the time for a forest walk between the meetings at XPO, which is why we created a mirror forest indoors. This way, even a busy visitor can get a sense of what it is like to step into a large Swedish forest.  


Most of the exhibition is built from glulam from Swedish sawmills. They are combined with led screens that convey the forest-based industrys central role in the green transition with images and video. 

The exhibition features 3D-printed furniture made from bark-beetle-damaged wood. It is a good starting point for conversations about circularity and resource efficiency. Trees damaged by bark beetles can be used in various ways, and this is one.  

40 percent of the EUs surface is covered by forest. A large part is in northern Europe, but there are other forested Member States. A map made of moss shows how the European forests are distributed.  

In the exhibition, the rewetting of wetlands is highlighted as one of several important efforts to create good conditions for biodiversity and carbon uptake in forests. We also describe Swedish forestry and nature conservation efforts more generally.