Digital Wood Flow

Building with wood is gaining in competitiveness. A key driver is the increasingly interconnected digital wood flow - starting with remote scanning of forest sites, through log scanning in sawmills giving higher value yield and “digital property fingerprints” of individual wood components. This in turn enables more resource efficient construction design and workflow in the building chain.

In the early 2000 a UN report stated that “Over 70% of the average city´s greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to derive from buildings. Reducing these will require radical transformation in the ways that the built environment is planned, designed, built and operated.”

The contribution of wood to achieve a more climate neutral building sector has gradually been growing in significance. The recent rapid developments in the use of Engineered Wood Products (EWP) like gluelam and Cross Laminated Timber(CLT) is in fact enhanced by digitalization.

Modern digitalization tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), parametric design etc has strengthened the inherent advantages of building in light weight timber. Digitalization together with industrialized prefabrication of whole floor and wall elements as well as room modules has enabled new cost-efficient solutions. Furthermore  – the seminar will  present how the introduction of automated assembly of pre-designed components directly on the building site has made it possible to uniquely “tailor” aesthetic design in freeform timber construction.

The overall purpose of the seminar is to demonstrate the increasingly interconnected digital wood flow - starting with remote scanning of forest sites, through log scanning in sawmills yielding “digital fingerprints” of wood components, enabling full traceability and at the same time more optimal materials utilization and workflow in the subsequent value chain.

Preliminary program:

– increased resource efficiency from forest to building

13.00-13.05: Welcome: Jon Haag, Vice Chairman Division VIII, IVA

Block 1 Moderator Nippe Hylander, IVA Division VIII Forest technology and Sr Advisor AFRY:13.05-13.20: Maximum value with minimal environmental impact – The competitive challenge of the bioeconomy, Tomas Alsmarker, Ch Innovation&Research, Swedish Wood

13.20-13.35: Digital Forest – From scanning of forest to digital identity on logs. Maria Nordström, Ass. Program Manager Value Chains, SkogForsk   

13.35-13.50: Log scanning – Different approaches for increased value yield in saw mill, Johan Oja, Technical Manager, Norra Timber

13.50-14.05: Digital fingerprints – For traceability and materials optimization along the value chain, Petri Luomala, Technical process engineer, Moelven Timber

14.05-14.20: Questions and discussion

14.20-14.35: Coffee break

Block 2 Moderator Tomas Alsmarker, Ch Innovation&Research, Swedish Wood:

14.35-15.00: Building Information Modelling and Generative Design – Digital method support for minimal climate impact and maximum creativity. From “Cederhusen” to the “Järvsö Pavilion”. On innovations in wood, from high rise to small scale. Anna Ervast-Öberg, Operating Manager, Folkhem and Jonas Runberger, Prof CTH and Head of DSearch, White Arkitekter.

15.00-15.45: Wisdome Stockholm – a New Industrial Era – a New Digital Craftmanship.

A parametric workflow from architectural design to assembly. Free form and zero tolerances. XX(tbd), Elding Oscarson Arkitekter AB and David Riggenbach, Blumer Lehmann Gruppe, CH

15.45-16.00: Panel for reflections and discussion on the new era for wood, design and technology: Tomas Alsmarker

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